Pillow Blanket
“Global security and investigative services is a good company to work for. Global security has different accounts in many different areas and also getting bigger. The owner of the company Dean and account manager Robert both very active and have good communication with global guards. They work with you if you need a day off or if you’re sick . It shows they care for their guards. This is the best security company I’ve worked for so far and I don’t intend on leaving due to their professionalism. I like that they have different accounts like patrolling“ villages” , escorts, traffic detail , construction sites , schools , banks , health centers, and events. I definitely recommend this security company for anyone interested in security. Global security hires great guards and as long as you smile to the public and carry yourself well with honesty and do the job effectively with protocols you will fit in the global security family. The main principle of the company is service through personal relationships and any site you take upon with Global you show a good image with caring for the client- site.”